I have always had an obsession with capturing moments and trying to hold on to memories. I constantly find myself taking countless pictures, saving ticket stubs, airline boarding passes, brochures, receipts, menus… anything tangible that will help me remember what I did, who I was with, and how it made me feel. Photography gives me the ability to combine being creative with making a difference in people’s lives, by freezing a moment in time, that can be cherished for years to come.

My goal as a photographer is to discreetly and creatively capture every moment. When I deliver your photos to you, I want you to be surprised. I want you to be excited and wonder, “How the heck did she get that shot?”  My favorite moments aren’t posed. They are the uniquely special and emotional moments that you may not even realize are happening… a shared laugh, locked eyes with your special someone, a tear being wiped away.   



I married my better half, Jeff, on June 29, 2013. We met right out of high school. We were married at the SAME church where my parents said, "I Do," by the SAME Priest, 31 years later.

My Mom & Dad are my best friends.

I love making new traditions with the people I love and following through on old ones.




A piece of my heart is in Derry, Ireland, where much of my family lives

My paradise is in Kauai, Hawaii

Island hopping the Florida Keys is one of my favorite vacations

Hubby and I go to AZ annually for Spring Training.



Hydrangeas, the color teal, floral print

Sending and receiving snail mail

Red beers

Playing golf, practicing yoga, and making crafts

Sunsets and the glorious Rocky Mountains


My genuine care and compassion for others, motivates me to go above and beyond for those that come into my life. I have been so blessed to discover photography and would love the opportunity to help you create life long memories.